Shipping & Returns Policy


Special requests and accommodations can be made to ship your rentals through third party partners (UPS, FedEx). Orders will be processed and shipped in a timely manner to ensure it arrives at the start of your rental period. Please make a special note in your order or email us at The Lessee will pay additional charges to cover the costs of shipping and will be made aware of the total amount. Confirmation from the Lessee will be needed before City Knickerbocker will proceed.


City Knickerbocker does not accept refund requests once items have been picked up for rental. Any issues or requests can be made known to management at See below for our cancelled order policy.

Late Returns:

All merchandise returned after the return date indicated in the invoice will be billable to the lessee at a per week rate equal to 50% of the total rental price of the items.

Damaged & Missing Returns:

In addition to the rental fee indicated herein, Lessee will be held liable for the full retail value of any damaged or missing merchandise. Damaged merchandise will be held for five (5) business days from the day that Lessee is notified of the damaged charge by Dealer, after which time Dealer shall dispose of such merchandise as Dealer sees fit.

Cancelled Orders:

When orders are packed and subsequently canceled by the Lessee will be subject to a restocking charge equal to 25% of the total amount of the packed order.

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