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Can I Buy Lighting Fixtures From You?

Sometimes. We mostly deal in rentals but there's a price for everything! For a list of the fixtures that we are willing to sell, head to our sister company We also have access to any and all major lighting manufactures should you need a fixture special ordered. 

How Do I Pay For My Rental?

We accept checks or credit cards. We do charge a credit card fee.

If you plan on paying by credit card over the phone, we will need to send you a credit card authorization form to be filled out and returned. 

How Do I Receive the Fixture I'm Renting?

Most clients/productions pickup their rentals from our warehouse at 143 Leuning Street in South Hackensack, New Jersey. We are more than happy to ship your rental to you as well via third-party (FedEx,UPS). 

How Long Can I Rent A Light Fixture For?

As long (or as short) as you need it! We are very understanding that sometimes there are reshoots or locations repeated in future episodes. If plans change and you need to keep the fixture for longer, contact us and we will adjust your order accordingly. 

I Don't See What I'm Looking For On Your Website...

No problem, email us at with a description of what it is you're after and we can send you pictures of what we have in stock.

Who Do You Rent Fixtures To?

Anyone and everyone for all kinds of needs. The core of our business is based on rentals to production companys who are producing television shows, movies, commercials, and theater shows. But we have also done work for retail stores, businesses, galla type events, fashion shows, and much more. 

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Can I Visit Your Showroom?

We are set up as a warehouse, therefore all of the fixtures are not out on display. Therefore we are by appointment only. Contact us to set up an appointment

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I Want To Open An Account. How Do I Do That?

Great! You can go to and fill out the form to open an account.

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How Many Fixtures Do You Have In-Stock?

Oh man, we wish we knew the answer to that! If we had to guesstimate, it is between 30,000 and 35,000 fixtures. 

I Need a Fixture Repaired, Can You Help?

We would love to! Our in house technicians can repair most lighting fixtures. We handle everything from rewiring a single electical socket to replacing broken arms or large chandeliers. 

If possible, it would be best to bring the fixture in to our shop so we can get an idea of what we're working with. If you're not able to, please send pictures via email to 

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